Our 4th Year Creative Multimedia students recently brought their Burn Station project on a tour of Dundalk as part of their User Theories module.

Burn Station is a listening and distribution system for copyright free music. It allows the public to browse a library of legally distributable, Creative Commons licensed music and to burn their own custom compilation.

This project was a journey into the philosophy and benefits of open source and free media distribution, all the hard work put in culminating with two days of events at The Marshes and DKIT.  The Creative Multimedia students brought free music and the open source ethos to the public, who were eager to engage and learn more.

Burn Station events have been held worldwide from Bogóta to Shanghai, and this is the first time the initiative has been brought to Ireland.  The DKIT Burn Station crew have been fully endorsed by Platoniq, who set up the first copyleft copystation in Barcelona five years ago.

Here are a couple of videos documenting the project:

For more information check out the project development blogs:

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